Adult PFD

Provides extra flotation for adult.

Typical design.

Mesh design helps drain water quickly. Reduce the weight of vest after absorbing too much water.

Reflective mark design.

Additional information


Adult PFD


420D Nylon + Neoprene foam

Available Color







Customize: S, M, L XL,XXL

Product Details

Special Features:

1. Customize logo space.

2. High quality plastic steel zipper, durable and smooth.

3. High-quality webbing with double-breasted buckles. Adjustable belt, suitable for different body types.

4. Safety buckles.

5. Safety fast aid pull handle.

6. Stronger sewing route.

7. Three layers of EPE flotation material up to 7cm thick.

8. The safety reflective marking is easy to identify in the water, and it is convenient for the rescuer to quickly find it with the rescue light in an emergency.

9. Customize serial name space.

10. Adjustable strong Nylon webbing belt.

11. Down safety strap so that the vest is better close to the body and is not easy to slip off.

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