Fishing Dock

Made of heavy duty PVC dropstitch fabric.

Good choice for fishing with additional design of water bag.

Or use it as a recreation dock and get more space.


Additional information


Fishing Dock


Heavy Duty PVC Drop Stitch Fabric


Blue, Orange, Grey or Customize


6"(15cm) or 8"(20cm)


3×1.75m, 2.5×1.6m, or Customize

Product Details

Special Features:

1. Rigid heavy-duty PVC dropstitch fabric.

Size and thickness can be customized.

2. Fast inflate with foot or hand pump.

3. Safety loop design on two sides and fix the rod or paddle.

4. Lengthened tail design to get more balance.

5. Water bag design for extra use.

6. Stainless steel D-rings design can link to another platform.

7. Easy packing size around 60x60cm.



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