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Introducing all the docks and mats we offer is no simple task.

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Committed to providing a better user experience, our main products include air tracks, inflatable docks, water hammocks, camping mats, etc. Here is more information:

1. Skilled Craftsmen with Extensive Experience

A simple mat design may be easy for anyone to create, but a mat with multiple craftsmanship, rich design elements, and showcasing your brand’s uniqueness truly tests a supplier’s overall capabilities.

Our production team members each have at least 10 years of manufacturing experience, ensuring that the products we create are of an artistic quality level.

2. Diverse Production Processes

From the mat itself to the decorations on the mat, we have ample production equipment to meet various manufacturing process requirements, such as gluing or heat welding.

The combination of multiple processes significantly enhances the performance and durability of the products.

inflatable dock
inflatable dog ramp pup plank top view
3. Capture Market Trends

We offer a diverse range of products, respond quickly to customer needs, provide samples within a week, and capture market trends to rapidly create value for our customers.

4. Customize Various Shapes

High-quality raw material suppliers, standard cutting processes, and skilled gluing operations are key to ensuring stable product shapes and better stability on the water.

We customize products in various shapes.

lucieneo iSUP dock
process control
5. Effective Process Control

From design to sampling to bulk production, we prioritize process control to maintain high-quality standards.

Our detailed production guide and strict inspection and record-keeping procedures guarantee stability, consistency, and traceability of product quality.

Additionally, we provide regular progress updates to our clients.

6. Graphic Capability

Simple patterns are suitable for screen printing, while complex patterns are suitable for digital printing.

Regardless of the option, we strictly match color codes and control the clarity and color fastness of the printed patterns according to the customer’s requirements.

7. Leaking Test

All products undergo two leak tests before packaging, once in the semi-finished state after completing the first layer of sealing rail And again after completing the second layer of sealing rail.

Additionally, we regularly conduct ultra-high pressure tests on our products.

EVA pad
8. Customize

In addition, we offer a variety of customized elements, including non-slip pads, handles, safety leashes/packaging straps, paddles, functional components, and more.

qingdao lucieneo inflatable party dock sunchill float water hammock (6) mesh
Straps and Leash


Inflatable docks and air mattresses are mainly used for water leisure, fishing, water sports, recreational activities, and temporary docking of boats. They provide people with comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable experiences on the water.

Cost Analysis

The main factor influencing the cost of air mattresses is the amount of material used. In addition to the size of the air mattress itself, it is important to cut the raw materials more reasonably in order to save materials.

Next is the cost of printing patterns, especially when using digital printing, which is much more expensive than screen printing.

After that is the size and style of the anti-slip mat. The larger and the more materials used in the anti-slip mat, the more expensive it will be. Because complex anti-slip mats also require more labor costs and adhesive costs.

Finally, there are some decorative and functional designs.

Of course, a well-designed mat will exceed user expectations, and it is worth the cost, even if it is more expensive.

We will actively communicate with customers to balance cost, performance, and brand recognition, and recommend the best solution for customers.


Packing Workshop

Our samples generally take 5-12 days to be ready. For bulk production, the lead time depends on the actual order quantity and is usually controlled within around 30 days.

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The FAQs About Lucieneo's Paddle Board Motor

Next up, we’ve got our FAQs. These are the questions we hear from clients the most. Hopefully, you’ll find the answers helpful!

Of course, you can even add an electric trolling motor on it for easy operation.

The minimum order quantity for our products is typically set to ensure economic production and shipping. However, for customized products tailored to our clients’ specific needs, MOQ is one.

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