Dive into the advanced world of Qingdao Lucieneo paddle board motors, where cutting-edge technology enhances your water sports experience. Whether you’re gearing up for casual adventures or professional pursuits, understanding the full capabilities of your equipment is essential for maximizing both performance and safety.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Dual Propeller Setup
Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Dual Propeller Setup

Product Overview

Qingdao Lucieneo specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance paddle board motors. Each motor kit includes Propeller, Remote Controller, and Battery Unit. Here are the details:


1. Steering Function Our propeller stands out in the market as the only one featuring a steering function with an impressive 25°+25° steering angle. The directional water jet is controlled by a precision mechanical servo, crafted from durable stainless steel to withstand accidental impacts. This steering function significantly reduces the fatigue associated with manual paddling and makes navigation especially easier for beginners.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Dual Propeller Setup up 1920x1080
Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Dual Propeller Setup

2. Brushless Motor The brushless motor is crucial for delivering powerful, efficient, and reliable performance, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Our propeller is powered by a 24V 1500W brushless motor that is highly resistant to seawater, sand, acids, and alkalis. During rigorous testing, our motor was continuously immersed in seawater for an entire month without showing any signs of corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Brushless Motor
Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Brushless Motor

3. Durable Material The housing is made from premium nylon fiber, which is resistant to water soaking and prolonged sun exposure without softening or becoming brittle. The material is anti-aging, ensuring long-term durability. Additionally, we offer customizable appearance patterns to meet various aesthetic preferences and brand identities.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor with Toughest Materials and Smart Design

4. Strong Thrust Our advanced four-blade pump-jet technology delivers strong and stable thrust. It provides a maximum forward thrust of 16 kg (35 lbs) and up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs) in reverse, ensuring powerful and responsive movement in any direction. For increased thrust, a 50Ah battery paired with two propellers can deliver a maximum forward thrust of 32 kg (70.5 lbs) and up to 10 kg (23.5 lbs) in reverse.

Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Effortlessly Tows Four Adults Across the Water

5. High Speed With a single propeller, the iSUP board or kayak can achieve speeds up to 12 km/h (7.4 mph) forward and a maximum of 5 km/h (3.1 mph) in reverse. Opting for a dual-propeller setup boosts top speeds to an impressive 15 km/h (9.3 mph).

Qingdao Lucieneo Single-Propeller Model Reaches 12km/h (7.4 mph) And 5 km/h (3.1 mph) in Reverse

6. Custom Design We offer customization of propeller patterns, providing clients with a unique advantage to tailor products to their brand identity and customer preferences. This feature allows for a personalized touch, enhancing the overall appeal and marketability of our propellers.

Lucieneo electric fin iSUP board power fin waterproof buoyant white case

Remote Controller

1. Waterproof Our remote controller boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring unmatched durability and reliability in wet environments.

waterproof IP68

2. Buoyant Designed to float if accidentally dropped in water, it prevents loss and guarantees continuous operation during your aquatic adventures—an exclusive feature that enhances usability.

3. Joystick Design The joystick operation maximizes flexibility and offers an authentic control experience, setting our remote controller apart from other brands with this unique design.

Impressive Speed and Thrust Capabilities

4. Cruise Control Equipped with a cruise control feature, our remote controller allows for steady speed maintenance and effortless navigation. Even after setting the cruise control, you can still adjust the speed up or down as needed for precise control.

Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor: Powering Five Supboards, Six Adults

5. Long Remote Range The 2.4G wireless remote offers an impressive range of up to 300 meters, providing enhanced control and flexibility.

Unmatched Control and Flexibility and 300m Remote Range

6. Built-in Battery Featuring a Type-C charging port, the remote controller offers approximately 18 hours of standby time with just 2 hours of charging.

Lucieneo electric fin iSUP board power fin kayak fin waterproof buoyant remote black
Waterproof Buoyant Remote Black

7. Wear on Wrist Designed for convenience, the remote control can be worn on the wrist, facilitating ease of use during fishing, paddling, rescue operations, and other activities.

Lucieneo electric fin iSUP board power fin kayak fin waterproof buoyant remote controller black
Waterproof Buoyant Remote Controller

Battery Unit

1. Large Capacity Our 30Ah battery offers up to 1 hour of high-speed performance and 2-4 hours at low speed. We also provide options for 50Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, and 120Ah batteries to cater to varied power needs, ensuring you have the right battery for your specific requirements.

Lucieneo electric paddle board motor 50ah with dual propellers setup
Electric Paddle Board Motor 50ah Battery with Dual Propellers Setup

2. Leading BMS Our Battery Management System (BMS) is a crucial component of our lithium batteries. We use only the highest-quality BMS products from top manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Leading BMS for Battery
Leading BMS for Battery

3. High-Quality Connectors Equipped with high-current waterproof connectors that are corrosion-resistant, our battery packs are designed for durability and reliability in harsh conditions.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Kit

4. Battery Capacity Display Our battery packs feature a capacity display that alerts the user with a 10-second alarm when the battery reaches 20%, ensuring you are always aware of your remaining power.

5. Cycle Life Our battery packs boast a cycle life exceeding 2000 charges, providing long-lasting performance and value.

UN38.8 test
Pass Test

6. Custom Design We offer customizable battery cases to match your specific style and preferences, allowing you to tailor the appearance to your brand identity.

Custom Battery Box and Connectors
Custom Battery Box and Connectors

Applications and Use Cases

Lucieneo’s paddle board motors, propellers, remote controllers, and battery packs are crafted for optimal versatility, making them perfect for various water activities, professional applications, and commercial use. Here are the specific scenarios where the unique capabilities of our products shine:

1. Long-Distance Tours and Explorations

High Volume Lithium Battery (30ah 50ah 80ah 100ah 120ah): Ensures extended use on long journeys, enabling adventurers to explore farther without worrying about running out of power.

High Power, Brushless Motor Resistant to Sea Water, Sand, Acid, and Alkali: Provides the thrust needed to navigate through varying water conditions, making distant travels more feasible and enjoyable.

Ideal For: Water sports brands looking to offer products that enable customers to push boundaries and develop competitive athletes focusing on speed and endurance.

Effortlessly Tows Two Adults on Separate SUP Boards

2. Fishing and Outdoor Activities

Steering Function and Cruise Control: Allows for precise maneuvering and steady pacing, crucial for approaching fishing spots quietly and maintaining position in the water.

Long Remote Distance (300 meters): Enables users to control the board from a distance, offering innovative ways to fish in areas that might be difficult to reach by paddling alone.

Waterproof and Buoyant Joystick Remote Controller: Enhances the fishing experience by preventing loss if dropped in water and adding flexibility and realism to operations.

Using The Cruise Control Function on Packraft

3. Recreational Paddling and Leisure Activities

Waterproof and Buoyant Joystick Remote Controller: Enhances the paddling experience with its flexibility and realism, adding more fun to leisure activities.

Cruise Control and Long Standby Time: Provides continuous power support, reducing the hassle of frequent operations and allowing users to focus more on enjoying their time on the water.

Customization Support: Offers personalization to cater to different paddlers’ preferences, making each paddling session unique and tailored to individual tastes.

Ideal For: Large companies looking to cater to family-friendly outdoor activities and enhance customer experiences.

Qingdao Lucieneo Electric Power Fin (1)
Qingdao Lucieneo Electric Power Fin

4. Sports and Competitions

High Power and Maneuverability: The high-performance power and maneuverability provided by our propeller make it an ideal choice for training and competitions.

High-Speed Capabilities: Whether surfing, racing, or performing stunts, the propeller delivers the necessary speed and flexibility for competitive sports.

5. Environmental Protection and Research

Propeller Systems for Unmanned Boats: Ideal for water quality monitoring and environmental protection projects, helping with water sampling, pollution detection, and ecological monitoring.

Remote Control for Data Collection: In scientific research and environmental monitoring projects, the remote controller can operate unmanned boats and buoys to collect data and monitor tasks, reducing manual intervention and improving work efficiency.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor 3

6. Water Sports Training and Education

Ease of Operation and Safety: The ease of operation and safety of our propeller make it an ideal choice for instructors and students in water sports training and education.

Quick Mastery for Beginners: Beginners can quickly master techniques, and instructors can effectively guide their students.

Battery Controller
Battery Controller

7. Safety and Rescue Operations

Innovative Remote Rescue Capability: The impressive remote control distance of up to 300 meters allows rescuers to remotely pilot the paddle board motor from the shore directly to the location of the individual in need of assistance, enhancing the efficiency and safety of rescue missions.

Long-Distance and Cruise Control: Features that significantly improve rescue efficiency, making operations safer and more precise.

8. Assistance for Individuals with Physical Limitations

Cruise Control Function: Provides a consistent speed, reducing the need for constant manual control and making paddling more accessible for everyone, regardless of physical strength or stamina.

9. Professional Applications and Commercial Use

High-Capacity Battery Packs: Suitable for long-duration water activities such as long-distance rowing expeditions, fishing trips, and water photography, ensuring stable operation of equipment in harsh conditions.

Customization: We offer customizable battery cases and propeller patterns to match specific styles and preferences, enhancing product appeal and brand recognition.

Commercial Rental: For water rental businesses, such as paddle board and small electric boat rentals, our propeller system provides stable performance and durability, reducing maintenance costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Use

Our products excel in both recreational and professional settings, offering high performance, reliability, and customization options. Lucieneo’s paddle board motors, propellers, remote controllers, and battery packs are designed to meet a wide range of needs, providing comprehensive solutions for adventurers, sports enthusiasts, researchers, and commercial operators alike.

Market Presence

Units Sold:

Total Sales: At least 300 units, including both the first-generation paddle board motors without steering capabilities and the second-generation models with steering.

Current Trends: The third-generation paddle board motors, featuring waterproof and buoyant joystick remotes along with motors resistant to sand and acidic environments, are currently selling fast.

Main Countries and Regions Sold:

Primary Markets: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Australia

Other Regions: Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombia, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

Agent Network:

Existing Agents: Singapore and the United States

In Progress: Active discussions and preparations for agents in Germany and the United Kingdom

Cost Analysis

Many users are curious about the cost of a paddle board motor set and the price differences among various brands. Let me give you a brief overview of the cost components.


When crafting a paddle board motor, the primary cost driver is the motor controller, which can range between $120 and $200 for a quality unit. The seamless integration of functionality and design also plays a critical role, as it directly impacts mould expenses due to the need for customized precision engineering. On average, the mould cost amounts to approximately $170. However, as the number of units sold increases, this cost gradually decreases.

Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Nozzle
Qingdao Lucieneo Paddle Board Motor Steering Nozzle

Furthermore, the battery is a crucial component, vital for optimal performance, costing at least $150. Additional accessories and designs further enhance the product, allowing your brand to stand out through details. This part can cost between $60 to $130.

Custom Propeller 1
Custom Propeller 1
Custom Propeller 2
Custom Propeller 2

These costs only cover the product itself; additional expenses include shipping, sales, and after-sales services.

Understanding Price Differences

The price differences among various brands typically arise from the quality of these components, the level of customization, and the overall design and functionality integration. High-end brands invest more in advanced motor controllers, durable batteries, and precision engineering, resulting in higher costs but also superior performance and reliability.


We offer DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) services to most countries and regions, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery experience. Clients can expect to receive their packages within 5-12 days.


Regular Shipping Destinations and Freight Costs

We regularly ship to the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Hungary, and Slovenia almost every month. Please contact us immediately when confirming your purchase order so that we can check for any available shipping schedules to save you some shipping costs and inform you of any freight discounts for this month.

Here is a quick reference for shipping costs. Please consult us for specific shipping charges:

United Kingdom:

Single Propeller + 30ah Battery: $277, DDP, 12-15 days


Single Propeller + 30ah Battery: $151, DDP, 12-14 days


Single Propeller + 50ah Battery: $198, DDP, 10-12 days

Single Propeller + 100ah Battery: $234, DDP, 10-12 days

Dual-Propeller + 120ah Battery: $339, DDP, 10-12 days


Single Propeller + 30ah Battery: $220, DDP, 10-16 days


1. Can a Dual-Propeller Setup Fit into a Single US Fin Box?

Currently, one propeller can fit into a US fin box using one US fin adapter. We do not have an adapter for mounting dual propellers at this time. However, you can attach two current SUP fin bases directly onto the board.

We provide both the US fin adapter and the SUP fin bases free of charge.

US Fin Box Adapter

2. Do you have agents or distributors?

We currently have agents in Singapore and the US, and we are actively in discussions and preparations for agents in Germany and the UK.

3. Is Equipping a Kayak with a Trolling Motor Beneficial?

Absolutely! Equipping your kayak with a Qingdao Lucieneo trolling motor substantially enhances control, extends water endurance, and increases enjoyment, making it ideal for both leisure paddling and intense water sports.

With a single propeller, a Lucieneo-equipped iSUP board or kayak can achieve speeds of up to 12 km/h (7.4 mph) forward and 5 km/h (3.1 mph) in reverse.

For superior performance, upgrading to a dual-propeller setup boosts the top speed to 15 km/h (9.3 mph).

The single propeller configuration delivers a maximum forward thrust of 16 kg (35 lbs) and up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs) in reverse, ensuring agile and potent maneuvering.

Those aiming to maximize thrust should consider a 50ah battery with two propellers, offering up to 32 kg (70.5 lbs) forward and 10 kg (23.5 lbs) in reverse thrust, for unparalleled control and robust performance.

Kayak with a Lucieneo Trolling Motor
Kayak with a Lucieneo Trolling Motor


1. Accessory Modifications: The propeller is paired with the motor controller and remote control. Do not open or modify any accessories or settings without consulting us first.

2. Propeller Durability: Our third-generation propeller is resistant to seawater, sand, acid, and alkali. During testing, our motor was continuously immersed in seawater for one month with no signs of corrosion. However, to extend its lifespan, rinse with fresh water for five minutes after each use.

3. Propeller Issues: If abnormal sounds or thrust issues occur during operation, check for foreign objects stuck in the propeller. If the issue cannot be resolved promptly, contact us for maintenance.

4. Water Cooling Pipe: Do not knot the water cooling pipe. The inlet pipe connects to the controller for water cooling during operation, and the outlet pipe can extend into the water.

5. Signal Loss Protection: If the remote control signal is lost or out of range, the receiver activates the fail-safe protection, causing the propeller to stop.

6. Cruise Control Mode: In cruise control mode, pressing the joystick once will also stop the propeller.


1. Battery Box and Controller: Do not submerge the battery box including the internal motor controller in water. They are splash-resistant. The motor and remote are water-resistant, while the battery box and motor controller are only splash-resistant.

2. Cable Handling: Do not over-tighten the power cable, charging cable, protection caps, and charging ports of the battery box. Over-tightening can make them difficult to unscrew and may loosen internal components.

3. Lithium Battery Protection: The lithium battery will sound an alarm and activate protection mode when it reaches 20% capacity.

4. Charging: Use only the charger provided by us to charge the battery box and remote control.

5. Battery Safety: Batteries are considered hazardous materials. Do not charge them indoors. Keep flammable and explosive materials away from the charging area.

6. Battery Storage: Store batteries in a dry, clean, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. For batteries not in use for an extended period, discharge and recharge them once a month to prevent moisture buildup.

Remote Control

1. Remote Control Battery: When the remote control’s battery is low, it will beep to alert you. Promptly charge it using a data cable.

2. Startup Protection Feature: To prevent the boat from suddenly rushing forward upon startup, simply push the joystick backward once after turning on the remote. This ensures a smooth and gradual start-up. Of course, if this precaution isn’t a concern for you, you can choose to skip it and start cruising directly.

3. Component Handling: Do not open or replace the propeller, battery box, remote control, or any of their components without consulting us first.


1. Installation Position: Ensure the motor is installed in the correct position on the paddle board or kayak to maintain balance and optimal performance, usually centered at the rear of the board or kayak.

2. Tightening: Check that all mounting connections are securely fastened to prevent loosening or detachment during use.

3. Cable Management: Ensure cables are safely routed and secured to avoid being pulled by water flow or user movement. Avoid knots or compression of cables.


1. Startup and Shutdown: Ensure stable footing when starting or stopping the motor to avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration that could cause loss of balance.

2. Speed Control: Familiarize yourself with the speed control functions on the remote. Gradually accelerate to avoid sudden thrust that may cause imbalance.

3. Battery Monitoring: Regularly check battery levels to avoid running out of power while far from shore. Carry spare batteries or charging equipment if possible.

4. Environmental Adaptation: Understand the characteristics of different water bodies, such as currents, wind speed, and obstacles, to ensure safe navigation.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance: After use, rinse the motor and other components with fresh water to prevent corrosion. Regularly check and clean the intake and propeller to avoid blockages.

Regulations and Permits

Local Regulations: Understand and comply with local waterway regulations and requirements, as some areas may have specific restrictions or requirements for using motorized paddle boards.

Education and Training

Training: Undertake basic training and education on the use of the motor before operation, understanding its functions and emergency handling procedures.

Read the Manual: Please read the manual before use.

System Testing: Before using the system, test all connections, motors, batteries, remote controls, etc., in a safe location to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Wear Safety Gear: Always wear a life jacket and other necessary safety gear, especially when using the motor in deep or moving water.

Emergency Procedures: Learn how to manually shut off the motor and quickly return to shore in an emergency.

Weather Conditions: Pay attention to weather forecasts and avoid using the paddle board motor in adverse conditions such as strong winds, large waves, or thunderstorms.

Awareness of Other Water Users: Maintain a safe distance from other water users to avoid collisions.

I’m sorry to make you read all these words, but it’s really important for ensuring your safety and enjoyment while paddling.

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