Inflatable Dock

Rigid heavy-duty commercial-grade material for multiplayer entertainment at a party.

Combination of gluing and heat welding advanced construction techniques.

Spacious and sturdy design offers ample space.

Includes handles for easy carrying, D-rings for linking with other docks or pads, and a ladder for convenient access.

We also welcome you to customize your own brand-exclusive dock, whether in appearance, shape, or function.

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Inflatable Floating Dock




grey, blue, green, light coffee, white, pink
or customize





Product Details

Customize Dimensions, Shape, and Functions: Tailor to different needs for parties, beach, pool, or lake spaces.

Ladder Design: The ladder provides easier access on and off the dock, enhancing user convenience.

Handle Design: Six handles make transportation and carrying more convenient.

D-Ring Design: Four D-rings allow for linking the dock with other docks or pads, adding more fun and versatility to your water activities or just quickly pulling it into the water.

Advanced Construction: The combination of gluing and heat welding techniques, along with the widened sealing strip design, ensures a tidy appearance free from bumps, wrinkles, and glue marks, while enhancing strength and air-tightness.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Using the latest batch and complete raw material, the dock and mattress maintains its stable and flat shape. High-quality materials, skilled cutting techniques, and advanced sealing processes ensure durability and prevent distortion or warping when inflated. We avoid using scrap pieces for cutting and stitching, unlike some cheap suppliers.

Easy Inflation and Deflation: With the included pump or your existing air pump, it’s easy and fast to inflate, deflate, fold, and store.

Rich Fabric Stock: Diverse color matching options. Various textured EVA anti-slip pads can be added to enhance practicality and design.

Detachable and Removable Backrest Pillows: Can be mounted for better experiences.

Spacious and sturdy design: The floating dock offers ample space for everyone, providing a comfortable and relaxing way to enjoy the water with your family and friends.

Customization: Welcome to customize additional functions to meet your specific needs.

recreation inflatable dock platform recreation inflatable dock platform Customized shape and cup holder design.

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handle Wide options of custom elements.

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