Foldable Hydrophobic Sunglasses

Ultra-clear and fully folded, filter light, hydrophobic, protect your eyes.
Anti-glare. Better enjoy paddling time.

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Super Light Sunglasses

Net Weight






Available Color

Light Coffee, Night Black

Product Details

Special Features:

1. Super light with a net weight less than 19 grams as a walnut.

2. Hydrophobic and anti-pollution enable it more suitable for water sports time.

3. Seven layers of light filtering technology. While 100% blocking UV rays, the vision is clearer and light softer.

1st   Anti-oil and anti-pollution film

2nd   Surface anti-scratch reinforcement film

3rd   TAC enhanced polarizing film

4th   PVA polarizing filter film

5th   TAC enhanced polarizing film

6th   UV400 film

7th   Compressive strengthening protective film

4. Using ultra-light frame material TR90 reduces the pressure on the ears and nose.

And you’re not tired after wearing it for a long time.

5. PU storage box, flocking material inside, effective shock absorption and wear resistance.

6. Frame density 1.14-1.15.


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