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A revolutionary blend of innovation and recreation! Dive into a world of aquatic adventure with our lightweight and portable water bike.

Crafted with durable LLDPE frame and inflatable technology, this bike effortlessly combines the joy of cycling with the thrill of water exploration.

Enjoy the ease of assembly, quick inflation, and unparalleled portability, making it your ideal companion for lakes, rivers, and coastal waters.

Perfect for all ages, our inflatable water bike promises endless fun and fitness moments on the water.

Take the plunge into a new era of water recreation – get your Inflatable Water Bike today!

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Water Bike


LLDPE, aluminum, PVC





Single Person Load


Product Details


LLDPE rotational molded frame. Color can be customized.

Aluminum alloy fixed tube.

Luxurious and comfortable adjustable bicycle seat and handlebars.

Flexible tail rudder.

The speed can reach 8-11km/h.

Can be ridden alone or combined with two bikes.

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