iSUP board Arm Wrestling Club Secret Anchor

2022 ODM Single Layer inflatable SUP board for promotion.

Inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants.

Arm Wrestling Club is one of the series.

Additional information

Serial Name

Arm Wrestling Club


10'6" (320*76*15cm)

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Carton Size





paddle, foot leash, pump, backpack, repair kit

Recommend Charge Pressure


Product Details

Special Features:

1. Original designs with wholesale price enable you stand out at retail or wholesale business.

2. It belongs to the continuous series, so users can get a unique shopping experience with anticipation and fun.

3. Every board has its own ID. A production tracking number will be generated following your order. So, board’s quality is traceable.

4. The tracking number also ensures users to get the right and real board ONLY from you.

5. Customizing is welcome.

Common Features:

1.Single layer fabric provides users a light board. Size can also be customized. Fast inflates and deflates.

2. Wide design is easy for users to stand up and get balance.

3. First choice for teens, adults and all skill levels to practice all round paddle boards.

4. Enjoy it in the lake, river or ocean for recreation: touring, fishing, surfing, Yoga etc.

5. EVA deck is soft and anti-slip for long time paddling. Design is also unique.

6. Besides above accessories, there are more other options for your touring, such as dry bag for cloths or cell phone, foldable super light sunglasses and so on.

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