paddle board motor kit with steering feature

24V waterproof lithium battery. 1500W power. 15kg thrust. 500 meters remote distance.

Until now, it’s the fastest, most powerful, longest remote distance and with steering function e-fin on the market.

Controller: controls the brushless motor.

Joystick Remote: controls direction, steering and speed.

Propeller: operates when the motor rotates.

Lithium battery: provides power.

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paddle board motor kit with steering feature


High-end nylon fiber



Max thrust


Steering angle


Max power


Max current


Product Details


24V brushless motor:

Voltage range: DC12V-29.4V

Rated current: 60A/120A Rated

power: 1500W

1500W controller, iSUP board/ikayak speed can reach 12km/h. 1000W controller, iSUP board/ikayak speed can reach 6~7km/h.

Waterproof level: IP67

Cooling mode: fan cooling

High current plug is used.

Joystick Remote:

2.4G wireless remote.

remote distance: 500 meters.

AAA1.5V.dc battery is required.

Press the cruise control button when accelerating to set the speed, a creak sound following. Press again to cancel.

Food grade silicone waterproof cover is included to ensure flexible operation.


Advanced four-blade pump-jet technology, with strong and stable thrust.

Precision mechanical steering gear controls water jet direction.

Material: High-end nylon fiber. Soaked in water without softening/deteriorating and long-time sun exposure without brittleness. Anti-aging.

Waterproof depth: 10m

Working temperature: -10~25℃

Lathium battery power bank:

High power waterproof lithium battery.

High current protection plate and plug.

Battery capacity display.

Flat shape, stable center of gravity.

The long-term cruising range can reach 20km.

High-speed battery life up to 1h. Low speed 2~4h. 20% battery will alarm for 10 seconds.

Battery capacity: 30ah

Charging time: 5h

Weight: 6.2kg

Charge/Voltage: Constant Current/Constant Voltage

Continuous discharge: 120A

Full voltage: 29.4V

Discharge termination voltage: 21V

Cycle life: more than 2000 times

Working temperature: -20~60℃ (the best temperature is around 20℃)



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