Lucieneo sets a new standard in the water sports industry with our electric paddle board motors. Engineered for excellence, our motors offer a blend of performance, customization, and advanced technology to enhance users’ water sports experience and take your brand to the next level.

Below is a comparison table that outlines the commonalities and differences among the three Lucieneo paddle board motor models.

Lucieneo electric fin iSUP board power fin kayak fin waterproof buoyant white case
Lucieneo electric fin waterproof buoyant white case
FeaturePaddle Board Motor Kit with Steering Customized PatternPaddle Board Motor Kit with Steering FeaturePaddle Board Motor Kit
Battery24V, 30ah 50ah waterproof lithium battery24V, 30ah 50ah waterproof lithium battery24V, 30ah waterproof lithium battery
Resistant to sea water, sand, acid and alkali
Resistant to sea water, sand, acid and alkali
Resistant to sea water, acid and alkali
Remote ControllerJoystick
Waterproof and buoyant
Waterproof and buoyant
Remote Distance300 meters300 meters500 meters
Steering Angle25°25°Not Applicable
MaterialHigh-end nylon fiberHigh-end nylon fiberHigh-end nylon fiber
Waterproof Level (Motor)IP67IP67IP68
Cooling ModeWater cooling + fan coolingWater cooling + fan coolingWater cooling
CustomizationYes (Propeller Appearance and battery box)NoNo
Battery LifeHigh-speed: 1h,
Low-speed: 2-4h
High-speed: 1h,
Low-speed: 2-4h
High-speed: 1h,
Low-speed: 2-4h
Charging Time5h5h5h
Cycle LifeMore than 2000 timesMore than 2000 timesMore than 2000 times
Working Temperature-20~60℃-20~60℃-20~60℃
Remote Waterproof LevelIP68 (Waterproof and buoyant)IP68 (Waterproof and buoyant)IP68
Remote BuoyancyYesYesNot specified
Comparison Table of Three Lucieneo Paddle Board Motors

This table provides a comprehensive overview, including detailed descriptions of each paddle board motor’s specifications and features. It offers insights into what each model offers, aiming to give a clearer comparison for potential users.

Lucieneo electric paddle board motor20ah with two propellers
Lucieneo electric paddle board motor 50ah with two propellers

Having showcased the diverse range of our paddle board motors through a detailed comparison, we now turn our attention to how these innovative features directly translate into real-world applications.

From thrilling long-distance explorations to serene moments of fishing, each aspect of our technology has been designed with the user’s experience in mind.

The following sections delve into specific scenarios where the unique capabilities of our paddle board motors shine, illustrating the versatility and adaptability that make our products stand out in the water sports market.

1. Long-Distance Tours and Explorations

2. Fishing

3. Recreational Paddling

Lucieneo electric fin iSUP board power fin kayak fin waterproof buoyant remote black
  • Waterproof and Buoyant Joystick Remote Controller
  • 4. Assistance for Individuals with Physical Limitations

    5. Adventure Sports and Racing

    6. Photography and Wildlife Observation

    7. Safety and Rescue Operations

    Innovative Remote Rescue Capability: The impressive remote control distance of up to 300 meters means rescuers don’t necessarily have to be on a boat to conduct a rescue operation. They can remotely pilot the paddle board motor from the shore directly to the location of the individual in need of assistance.

    This feature significantly enhances the efficiency and safety of rescue missions, providing a swift response when every second counts. So this capability is particularly relevant for procurement officers from large corporations and governmental bodies focused on public safety and innovative rescue technologies.

    8. Family Outings and Leisure Activities

    Lucieneo electric paddle board motor 300 meters remote distance
    Lucieneo electric paddle board motor 300 meters remote distance

    In order to give you a more intuitive understanding of paddle board electric motors, here we also compare some specs of two other popular motors, Aqua Marina BlueDrive S and Tamarindo eFin.

    FeatureLucieneo (Steering Customized Pattern)Aqua Marina BLUEDRIVE STamarindo eFin
    Motor Power1500W: A robust power output for strong propulsion.Not Listed200W brushless waterproof motor: Built into a custom molded fin for optimal tracking, providing efficient propulsion.
    Battery Type & CapacityRechargeable Waterproof Lithium Battery, 24V, 30ah and 50ah: High capacity for extended trips, featuring a flat shape for a stable center of gravity.Lithium-ion Battery: Lightweight and efficient for great portability, specific capacity not listed.Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack, 33.3V, 12AH: Rated for 1500 cycles, recommended to charge and discharge at least once every month when not in use.
    Battery LifeHigh-speed: 1h, Low speed: 2-4h: Designed for varying speed preferences with an alarm at 20% battery level.Not ListedOver 6 hours at lower speeds, 1.5-2 hours at full speed: Long-lasting battery ensures you have enough power for extended periods on the water.
    Top Speed10-12km/h: Capable of reaching a max speed of 12km/h, suitable for a range of activities on the water.Up to 6km/h: Provides an E-power boost for your SUP board or kayak.Up to 5mph (approx. 8km/h): Achievable top speed with the electric motor, similar to a strong, steady/fast paddle pace. Most boards achieve around 3.5-4.5 mph.
    Remote Control Distance & Waterproof Level300 meters, IP68: Waterproof and buoyant remote for easy and safe speed control over distances.Not ListedWaterproof up to 3 feet: Comes with a Velcro strap for attachment around your wrist or paddle shaft, enhancing control and safety.
    Safety FeaturesNot ListedLeash for Auto Shut-off: Ensures the motor turns off automatically if you fall off, for safety.Magnetic Switch on a Leash: Turns off the motor if you fall off, adding an extra layer of safety.
    Weight1.69kg for the Motor Unit: Emphasizes portability and ease of attachment/detachment.5.9kg (Gross Weight), Battery Alone 1.25kg: Highlights the lightweight design of the battery for easy carrying.Not Listed
    Waterproof Rating (Motor)IP67: Ensures the motor is protected against immersion, suited for all water conditions.Not ListedNot Listed
    CompatibilityCustomized Pattern: Offers a unique feature of personalizing the appearance to match your style. Compatible with a wide range of boardsFits Almost All Types of Watercrafts with a Fin Box: Designed to be universally compatible, ensuring a wide application range.Universal Fit: Compatible with most hardboards and inflatable paddle boards. Custom-made adaptors available for a perfect fit with various watercrafts.
    PortabilityNot ListedAirline Allowed (for the battery): Ensures you can travel with your motor, enhancing its portability.Not Listed
    Cycle LifeMore Than 2000 Times: Indicates the battery’s longevity and reliability over many uses.Not ListedBattery Rated for 1500 Cycles: Emphasizes the durability and long-term use of the battery.
    Charging Time5h: A reasonable charging duration to ensure the motor is ready for extended trips.Not ListedNot Listed
    Steering Angle & Customization25° Steering Angle, Customization Option: Allows for precise control and maneuverability, with the added benefit of customizing the propeller appearance.Not ListedNot Listed
    Additional FeaturesAdvanced Water Cooling Plus Fan Cooling, Cruise Control Available, High-End Materials: Ensures the motor operates efficiently and is durable.360° Water Intake Design: For best efficiency, ensuring the motor draws water from all directions for propulsion.Speed Variability: Offers multiple speeds controlled effortlessly with the remote. Parts Orderable: Allows for individual part orders, including a second battery box for double the distance. Great choice for kayaks, canoes, and inflatable boats using adaptors. Perfect for paddleboarders of all skill levels.
    Comparison Table of Three Paddle Board Motor Brands


    As we’ve demonstrated, our paddle board motors stand at the forefront of innovation, offering solutions that significantly enhance the paddling experience across a variety of scenarios. Tailored for both adventure seekers and casual users, our products promise quality, durability, and unmatched performance.

    We’re actively seeking to collaborate with wholesalers, distributors, and brand manufacturers keen on redefining the water sports market.

    If you’re interested in exploring the potential for partnership and wish to elevate your offerings with our cutting-edge paddle board motors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Let’s navigate the future of water sports together.

    Lucieneo electric paddle board motor 300 meters remote distance
    Lucieneo electric paddle board motor

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