Dry Bag

500D thickened waterproof bag.

Eco-friendly material is available. No odor and degradable.

US UTX-Duraflex fastener buckles.

Additional information


Dry Bag


500D thickened PVC

Available Color



Customize: 30L, 65L

Product Details

Special Features:

1. Customize logo/pattern/size/color available.

2. Double shoulder strap design.

3. When carrying or shouldering heavy objects, you can use the straps first to relieve muscle pressure and carry objects easily.

4. Enhanced water resistance, with a hydrostatic water resistance index of up to 20000cm, to keep clothes dry.

5. US UTX-Duraflex fastener buckles. Per testing, it can withstand 100,000 repeated use.

6. High waterproof technology and high frequency seam technology, air and water tight, ensure safe and durable use.

7. Simple and fast to operate.

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